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Visible Pass For The Gate

Simple Mount on your car


Most Del Monte Forest residents are aware that there is no universal mounting option for the Del Monte Forest Resident Placard.   Placing the Placard on the dashboard is an imperfect technique as the placard can slide off or slide to the other side.  

Depending upon lighting conditions, there can be glare that prevents the gate staff from being able to see the pass on the dashboard.   Other methods of attachment to the vehicle grill do not look finished and professional.  

The DMG Placard Holder is modeled to be part of a front license plate mounting and present the Placard next to the license place where it is easy to see and looks presentable and is well secured. 

Being next to the ocean, corrosion prevention was important, so an aluminum frame was produced with an anodized finish and the fasteners provided are stainless steel.

The KIT:

The kit is provided complete with an anodized Placard Holder and stainless steel hex head fasteners, lock washers and a hex key for installation.

Two nylon spacers are also provided in case you have a license plate frame that needs to sit off the front of the Placard holder (the frame will sit at an angle against the Placard extension if you do not use the spacers).

Simply place the two spacers behind the license plate and in front of the Placard holder when installing the mounting screws. Installation pictures are provided for clarity.



It is not a surprise that from time to time, badges are stolen off cars.  This is the world we live in unfortunately.   If you wish to have your access Placard displayed outside of your car, the objective is to make the badge difficult to steal to the extent that would-be transgressors will move on and not expend the effort.  Cutting a zip tie is relatively easy.  Many individuals carry a pocket knife with a screw driver.  

To that end the fasteners supplied with the DMF Placard Holder do not use traditional slot or philips heads, but hex key heads.   The DMF Placard Holder comes with pre-tapped 10-32 holes so that retaining nuts are unnecessary.   A dab of Loctite 242 “blue” thread locker on each 10-32 fastener will increase the security.  

If you wish to increase the security of the DMF Placard Holder, you can purchase more esoteric fasteners (torx, or higher security versions such as tamper-resistant Torx or tamper-resistant Hex).   These can be purchased at hardware stores, such as Home Depot or on-line at McMaster Carr.  

Let us not forget that the fasteners that hold your license plate to your vehicle are equally important, and you can replace these with tamper resistant versions.  The goal is to make a theft difficult enough to discourage the investment of time by the would-be transgressor.

Pebble Beach Pacific Grove Gate (1)


The design of the kits was specifically made for Del Monte Forest residents.  Designed to fit the present pass, mounted on the front license plate location and visible enough for the gate to waive you through. Quick and easy gate access*. 

What if I do not have or want a front license plate?

If you are one of many that do not have or desire to have a front license plate, the DMF Placard Holder will not be your solution, however we have other solutions you be interested in.   Stay Tuned for an alternate grill mounted product coming soon!

* Permits are issued by “The Pebble Beach Company”




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